Created as a way to track favorite restaurants, shops, and attractions, Fox Cities Staycation is an online "what to do" in the Fox Cities Region to share with families and friends who visit. 


Let's talk about the process. When I start a new project I always start with the same 3 questions. 


What is the goal? No matter whom I am working with, or what project it is, the first question is always, "What is the goal?". The answer informs so much of the process that follows, from deciding what branding or assets you need, to the best platform to create for, to who and how you write copy. Clients' ideas may change through this conversation, and that is okay! The best outcome is to achieve their goals. 


Who is your audience and how do you want them to feel? Target demographics can be a very big source of knowledge to influence the outcomes of a project. It's easy to get wrapped up in the colors and fonts, but whom should we attract and how do you want them to feel? 


What do you want people to do before they leave? No matter if we are creating something for social media, websites, or in-store, there should always be an actionable outcome you want clients or potential clients to do.  Go to a website with more information? Sign up for a newsletter?  Give them the resources to do what you need them to! 


Princeton Club

Worked on with Lion Tree Group (2016-2017)


Imagine Fox Cities

Assisted with updates



Crossroads Community Farm

Worked on with Lion Tree Group (2016-2017)

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